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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Un-Wanted Girl [Renessme Cullen Twin Sister]chapter 4

Sam’s POV
The little green eyed girl ran around the backyard of my house with the boys. They adored her. We haven’t officially named her, but for now we call her Rayne, seeing as every time it rains she will run outside and dance in it despite our protests that she might get sick, although we all know her getting sick is about as possible as us getting sick.
Rayne has really grown on Emily and I. We think of her and treat her as our own daughter. She even calls us mom and dad. The boys love her. She’s like their little sister; she adores them as well, giving them all nicknames. Rayne is best friends with Quil’s imprint, Claire, who is also Emily’s niece. They get along really well and the four year old Claire relishes in having someone younger to boss around. We all know that Rayne has the intelligence of a 20 year old at least, but she likes acting the age that she looks. I would like to say she likes acting her age, but that’s not true, because then she’s be acting like a month old little girl, not a two year old.
She squealed as Embry picked her up in a careful fireman’s carry and spun her around. If I couldn’t read Embry’s mind and see what he feels and his memories, then I would say he had imprinted on her, but since Ican read his mind and I have seen his memories I know he hasn’t imprinted on her.
Paul hasn’t been around much, but no one seems to notice. During the patrols that he actually turns up to, we can see that he doesn’t like Rayne very much. It’s not that he doesn’t like her, he just doesn’t like the fact that she is of vampire decent. He’s been going out every night, drinking with a bunch of sluts and taking a new one home every night. I’m kind of worried for him, but he is a nineteen year old kid, I can’t really blame him.
“Daaaaddy!” Squealed the little girl as she clung to my leg.
“Yes, sweetie?” I picked up my little girl and grinned at her.
“Can I have a drink please, daddy?” She giggled.
“Of course, my little Raynebow.”
I grabbed a glass out of the cupboard with my little girl still in my arms and half filled it with water. I put her on the ground and gave her the glass. She took it with two hands and held it tight, bringing it to her mouth and guzzling it down. A very sweat Embry walked in through the back door and picked her up. She giggled and lifted the glass to Embry’s mouth. He opened his mouth and she rested it against his lips, tipping it to give Embry the water. She grinned as she purposely lifted it too high, spilling the water down Embry’s chest. He gasped in surprise, water running down his chin.
“Did you just spill water on me?” Embry gasped, astonished.
Rayne grinned and giggled cheekily.
“I think she did, Embry.” I chuckled.
“I’m going to get you!” He laughed.
She squealed and squired out of his arms, landing lightly on her feet and bolted out the door. Embry followed her immediately. He chased her around the backyard, yelling and laughing. She was actually quite fast and if she was taller Embry may not have had to go easy on her, but as life has it, she only has a two year olds body and terrible balance.
Emily was standing in the kitchen, looking out the window, watching Embry chase our little Rayne around, the pack watching and laughing, sometimes helping and hindering the two playing cat and mouse. I came up behind my beautiful imprint and wrapped my arms around her waist, bending down and resting my head on her shoulder. I kissed her neck lightly and she giggled girlishly, and then sighed as she watched Rayne.
“What’s wrong, babe?” I asked her.
“She’s not ours. We’re going to have to give her back to her mongrel parents soon enough.”
“We can keep her until they actually attack us.”
“We can adopt her.” Emily tried to persuade me.
“I wish we could, but that would involve police and the law and seeing as we have technically kidnapped Rayne, I don’t think that is going to go over well.” I muttered darkly.
“Her father abused her though!” Emily yelled appalled.
“I know, but remember, Isabella’s father is a cop. Things would go their way, not matter what we do or say.”
“Fucking scum of the Earth.” Growled Emily. I was shocked. Emily never swore. She never said bad of anyone either, even our enemies. I guess Rayne just struck a sore note for her.
I heard a squeal and looked back out the window. Embry had finally caught her. They both had big smiles on their faces. If I didn’t know that in the end at least three people would get hurt, I’d say that Embry and Rayne would make an excellent couple when she grows up.
Emily cooked dinner and called in the boys and Rayne for dinner. They all ran in and Embry carried in Rayne. He sat her in his lap at the table and they shared the same plate of food. It was so cute. Rayne babbled on about her day all throughout dinner.
“Embry and I played aaaaaall day! It was so fun! First we ran around and then the boys joined in and then we played football. Oh! And then Jared tackled Quil reeeeally hard! Quil fell on top of me though, he’s reallyheavy! And then I spilled water all over Embry. He was really wet and then he chased me for ages!”
An interruption came when someone walked in the door. It was Paul. This was the first time he’d come up in the three weeks since we had that little ‘meeting’ with the leeches. Rayne suddenly got very quiet and shy. She wasn’t used to Paul and as a result she’s very timid. Since he walked in she hasn’t said a word. She has her head buried in Embry’s neck, him feeding her forkfuls of food.
We talked with Paul over dinner and settled down to watching a movie. Rayne got up from Embry’s lap and walked into the kitchen.
“Mommy? What’s wrong?” She whispered.
“Nothing, baby girl.” Emily’s tearful voice replied. My heart ached hearing my imprint sad, but I knew that I shouldn’t intervene.
“Can I help with the dishes?” Rayne asked sweetly.
“Of course, my darling.”
They did the dishes and a little while later they both came out. Emily was holding Rayne and they were smiling cheekily at each other. Rayne had bubbles on the tip of her nose and she was giggling wildly about it.
Emily came and sat on my lap with Rayne in her lap. I kissed Emily lightly on the lips and smiled at her. There was a flash. Embry had taken a picture of the three of us.
“The perfect happy family.” He said quietly, smiling to himself.
Rayne had stopped being shy. I guess she had forgotten that Paul was around. I started tickling her and Emily joined in. She was thrashing about wildly when suddenly she froze. I stopped tickling her and looked where her vision has frozen. It was stationary on Paul. Paul was unmoving too. I knew that look. I knew it all too well. Just when I thought things were getting better, they get so much worse.
Paul had imprinted on Rayne. And Paul just walked out the door slamming it behind him. Oh joy.
Paul’s POV
I did not just imprint. I refuse to believe that I imprinted, especially on a half vampire baby! I hate my life. I really do. Wait. Why hate my life? I didn’t imprint. I may be a shape shifter and I may hate it, but who cares? It’s been this way for nearly three years, I’m used to it by now!
Time to drown my sorrows in alcohol and sex.
Embry’s POV
Now I know why I had that feeling that I needed to be the protector of this little girl. Her imprint just walked right out the door, not giving a damn about this girl. Well I’m just going to have to make up for the jackasses neglected duties.
Sam’s POV
For the next few days, Paul didn’t return and Rayne didn’t seem to notice. I knew that sometimes, Paul would sit outside Rayne’s window at night or even climb the tree outside it and watch her sleep in her crib. When patrolling he pretended not to care about her in the least, he didn’t even acknowledge the fact that he has imprinted on her.
Carlisle called the next day. I knew my little girl had to go back to her abusive parents, or she would be taken by force. If she won’t let us go, we have to pretend we don’t want her. She can’t be with us anymore. I told Emily. She locked herself in our room and cried for the rest of the night. I phased and called a pack meeting.
Guys… Carlisle called. It’s time Rayne went home to her real family.
NO!’ Yelled Embry and Paul at the same time. They turned and growled at each other until I told them to knock it off.
I don’t want her to go either, but she has to.
What if she doesn’t want to go? We can’t make her leave and they can’t take her by force.’ Jared inquired.
If she is reluctant to let us go, we must pretend we don’t want her. We have to be as convincing as possible. It’ll be easier in the long run if we do this.
Please don’t make us do this, Sam.’ Whimpered Leah.
It’s for the best. It’s like a band aid. Rip it off quick, no need to prolong the pain.’ I sighed. I didn’t want to let my daughter go.
The day finally came for us to give her back. Emily came with us into the forest to meet up with the Cullen’s. My fiancĂ© and I were holding hands as we walked through the forest, my daughter—I mean, Edward’sdaughter—in my arms.
We reached the meeting place in no man’s land and found the Cullen’s there waiting. This included their own little security hounds. Rayne’s twin was in Jacob’s arms and her brown eyes widened at this sight of Rayne. All of their eyes widened at the sight of her.
“Rayne, sweetheart, this is your family.” I told her, pointing to the Cullen’s. She giggled.
“Silly daddy! You’re pointing the wrong way!” She grinned at me. I didn’t smile back. Her grin faltered. “What are you talking about, daddy?” She whispered.
“That’s your twin, Renesmee. Grandmother and grandfather, Esme and Carlisle. Your aunts Alice and Rosalie. Your uncles Jasper and Emmett. Your mother, Isabella and your father… Edward.” I said, pointing them all out.
“You’ve got it all wrong, daddy. There’s my brothers Quil, Jared and Booboo,” Booboo being her nickname for Embry, “my sister Kim, my aunty Leah and my mommy and daddy!” She laughed at my ignorance. I didn’t smile back. There was no mention of Paul in her statement and he looked pretty gutted.
“No, Rayne. We are not your family.” Said Embry sternly.
I put Rayne on the ground and gave her a little shove in the direction of the Cullen’s. She turned back around to look at me.
“Daddy?” She whimpered. I glared at her, my face harsh. “Mommy?” Her bottom lip quivered. Emily tried to glare but couldn’t and kept her face blank and uncaring. “Booboo?” Tears had started to make their way down her face. Embry had the hardest job of all. He was the closest to her. He snarled at her. I have only seen his face harsher on a few occasions involving vampires and people trying to hurt Rayne. Now we are the ones trying to hurt her and I could tell he hated himself inside for doing this.
Edward made his way towards my—his—daughter. He grabbed her and was about to pick her up she broke out of his grip and ran towards me.
“Daddy!” She squealed, but it wasn’t that happy squeal from the other day. No, this was filled with pain. Pain that I and my pack brothers caused. I could see the pain on Edward’s face when he heard her call me daddy. When she had denied that they were her family, there was pain on all of their faces. When she had called us her family there was pain on our faces and disgust on theirs.
Edward came and picked her up this time. She tried to squirm out of his grip, but she wasn’t succeeding. “Daddy! Mommy! Booboo!” She screamed. “Daddy! Daddy! DADDY!” Her screams were distressed as they echoed throughout the forest.
Once out of sight, Emily broke down in my arms and I started crying too. I could hear Embry sniveling. Paul and the rest had shed some tears too. I never knew that one little girl could have such an impact on us.

by: KLCJadee

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Un-Wanted Girl [Renessme Cullen Twin Sister]chapter 3

Third Person
The nameless girls pained screams filled the forest. Upon hearing the agonised screeches from the near week old child, with the body of a two year old, the wildlife scattered, dropping everything and running, this included the La Push shape shifters. The furtherest they could get was No Man’s land.
The vampire’s of Forks came to investigate the pained screams that could be heard in Forks by the sensitive hearing of the vampires; Jacob and Seth were with them. Their own personal dogs, thought the pack collectively.
“Whose are those screams, Sam?” Carlisle, the head bloodsucker asked. Sam phased back, ignoring the fact that there was ladies present, putting on his cut off jeans and walked up to Carlisle.
“Why should we tell you, leech?” Growled the wolves Alpha protectively.
“We have a right to know. If you’re hurting someone then we need to stop you.” Growled back Jasper.
“Not on the wolves land you don’t.” Snarled Embry who had phased back too, he too ignoring the fact that ladies were present.
“Who are you torturing, Samuel?” Asked Esme. Her voice strained, trying to keep her tone kind.
“Why don’t you ask Papa Leech over there? He knows. In fact, he’s the reason that this is happening.” Paul’s deep voice growled.
The pale people turned towards the bronze haired vampire.
“What does he mean, Edward?” Alice asked her voice hesitant, as if she knew nothing good would come out of her asking.
“He means nothing, Alice.” Edward said, he tried to sound careless, but couldn’t quite pull it off, his eyes shifting wildly, looking as if he was going to be sick. If that were even possible.
“Edward…” Jasper said worriedly, feeling Edward’s emotions and if they were anything like his face portrayed, they’d be guilt, sadness, anger and hope.
The screams slowing died away, followed by loud painful sobs and a grateful ‘thank you’ in the little girl’s raspy voice.
“Who was that?” Emmett asked quickly.
“It sounds… familiar?” Rosalie said, sounding more like a question than a statement.
“I agree…” Said Bella.
“It’s like I’ve never heard the voice before, but it sounds incredibly familiar…” Jasper said quizzically.
Every vampire, except Edward, nodded in agreement.
Renesmee shrunk back in her mother’s arms, obviously knowing more than she’d like to lead on. Jasper’s head whipped to Renesmee.
“What do you know?” He inquired suspiciously.
“N-n-nothing.” Stuttered the nameless girls’ twin.
Another scream echoed through the air. Renesmee squirmed.
“Sister…” She whispered.
Everyone’s heads snapped towards her.
“WHAT?!” Yelled Bella.
“That’s my niece screaming?!” Shouted Jasper, sounding enraged.
“Why do you have my niece?!” Growled Emmett, lunging towards Sam. Carlisle pulled him back before he got anywhere near Sam.
“Yes, what are you doing with my granddaughter?” asked Carlisle, still holding back a highly pissed off Emmett.
“Hmm… Let’s see boys, what are we doing with that exceedingly unloved and injured girl?” Sam asked his pack sarcastically.
“I dunno, Sam. Giving her a home?” Questioned Jared, playing along with the sarcastically dumb act.
“Protecting her from red headed, bastard, girl bashing fathers?” Grumbled Paul.
“A loving family with friends who actually care about her and her well being!” Growled Embry, menacingly.
“People who don’t ignore her?” Asked the sardonic Quil.
“Maybe we even gave her a NAME.” Snarled Embry, who seemed to have a particular weak spot for the little green eyed, brown haired girl.
The vampires were dumbstruck and after a few more hours of fighting, they left, but not without vowing to get their daughter/granddaughter/niece back. The wolves figured it was a hollow threat seeing as they never cared about the little girl before. They would fight for the little girl if they tried to take her by force, but of course if she wanted to return home, the wolves would let her, but reluctantly. Very reluctantly.
The wolves returned home to find Leah and Emily sitting at the table, drinking lemonade.
“Where is she?” Embry rushed.
“She’s upstairs sleeping.” Emily replied.
“Can I go up and see her?” He asked again.
“Sure, just don’t wake her up please. She’s in a lot of pain.”
Embry rushed up the stairs and went to see the vampires and humans mixed breed daughter. He sat on the chair beside her bed and looked down at the angelic little girl. She was perfect, even bruised and cut, she was beautiful. Embry fell asleep watching the little girl.
Sam’s POV
“Why do you think Embry is so…” Trailed off Jared.
“Caught up by the vampire’s daughter?” Asked Quil.
“Yeah.” Agreed Jared.
“Maybe he imprinted on her.” Laughed Paul.
“Well, whatever it is, we need to help her. It seems that Embry isn’t going to give up on her and I don’t want to leave the poor girl alone. I’m going to offer for her to come and live with us.” I informed the boys.
“That’s probably the best choice.”
The boys kept bantering about the little girl and I got lost in my thoughts. I hope that Embry didn’t imprint on her, Jacob will never come back if he did and really, I don’t think the vampires will give up on her, I think they will fight to get her back and it’ll just hurt Embry in the process. After a few weeks of healing, she will have to return home, whether we like it or not.
If you guys are wondering here is a picture of the Un-Wanted girl at the current age she is
except she has green eyes, not brown.


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Un-Wanted Girl [Renessme Cullen Twin Sister]chapter 2

The Nameless Girl's PoV
When Mother and Father had gotten home after the incident, they both ignored me, but that night, after Mother went to put Renesmee to bed and everyone else was doing their own thing, I had my first human (well, not so human) contact. It was from Father.
Father smiled lovingly at Renesmee and Mother, kissing Mother gently but passionately on the mouth and then gently kissing Renesmee on the forehead. They left, Mother taking Renesmee to put her to bed. All my Aunts and Uncles had already said goodnight to them, so had Grandfather and Grandmother, even the big tanned boys.
Soon after Mother and my twin left, everyone scattered to do their own thing. I was just sitting quietly on the couch, waiting for everyone to vacate the room with their mate so I could sleep on the couch. Before I could even think about laying my head down, Father came and grabbed my arm, dragging me out the back door and right through the freezing water of the lake that surrounded the house. He dragged me deep in the forest. When we were at the destination, he let go of my arm, throwing me to the ground in the process.
“GET UP!” He snarled at me. I was scared to say the least.
I stood up carefully, hoping not to provoke him. As soon as my small body was to its feet, his hand came into contact with my face, sending my flying for yards, right into a tree. I dented the tree and feel from the grove that my body had created, face first onto the ground. I started cried, heart retching sobs and cries and pleads for help. I begged Father to stop, but he wouldn’t, he didn’t let up and he hit and kicked me.
I didn’t have enough time between attacks to even think about teleporting somewhere safe. All throughout this though, I felt like someone was watching… But why weren’t they helping me?!
“GET UP YOU WORTHLESS BITCH!” He screamed at me. I didn’t know what anything but worthless me, but I knew it wasn’t a nice thing to say. “WHY WERE YOU EVEN BORN?! YOU COULD HAVE MADE MY WIFE DO SOMETHING SHE’D REGRET BY KILLING YOU!” He screeched at me. He then chuckled harshly and in a dark, but calmer voice he said, “But come to think of it, neither of us would have regretted it if she had killed you. Maybe I should just kill you now, but then the Volturi would kill me. How about we wait until the Voturi come and leave and then I kill you. If they don’t kill you first.” He was still chuckling darkly and will one kick to my temple, he stalked off using his vampire speed.
He had left me cold, wet, bloody, dirty and shivering in the forest. He had left me for the wolves, literally.
The blow to my temple was making me lose consciousness. Before I was knocked out completely, in my blurring vision I saw some tall, burly tanned men coming towards me. There were three tanned men and 2 huge wolves. The biggest man picked my small frame up. He was warm, so very warm. I cuddled up to him, trying to get heat back into my body. As I lost consciousness, I whispered to them “Thank you”, and then I was gone.
Sam’s PoV
I watched as the leech beat his little girl. She looked only to be 2 years old, but I knew should was nothing more than a week old. This wasn’t Renesmee, for the fact that if it was, Jake would have already ripped the leech to shreds. I wanted so badly to help that little girl, but I couldn’t. Edward was just on the other side of the Treaty Line, so unless he had brought her over to our side, there was nothing I could do to protect this little girl.
Edward was taunting her with nasty words, and my Pack and I growled lowly. He was partly putting on this little show for us.
He finally finished attacking that poor child and sauntered off. Embry, Quil and I phased, Paul and Jared stayed in their wolf forms just in case there was a vampire attack. I hurried over to the little girl who was losing consciousness and fast. I picked her up, cradling her shivering, wet and bloody body, trying to give her as much of my warmth as possible. She cuddled up to my chest, so it must have been working.
I could feel her body slacken as she drifted into unconsciousness. She was able to do one last thing though, she whispered “Thank you” and left the awakened world for a little while. I could tell that even those two small words had taken a lot of energy to produce.
I wasn’t rushing to get home, my pack just behind me, as I didn’t want to jolt her body as it was no doubt sore. I looked down at her small body and for the first time saw the many deep, dark bruises forming. I saw that her arm was contorted in a strange manner and that it seemed that her leg was bent in a way that no leg should even be able to bend. As soon as I saw these, along with the blood dripping down her face and other limbs, I started running, trying not to jolt her body as much as possible.
As I ran into my house, I noticed it was morning and Emily had just set down breakfast on the table and Brady and Collin, best friends and twin brothers, were gorging on pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage. Leah sat beside them, glaring at her food.Emily smiled brightly as she saw me come in, but then she saw the fragile body I was clutching to my chest and immediately became alarmed. “Oh, dear.” She muttered and then run upstairs to grab her first aid kit.
Brady and Collin enthusiastically turned to greet us, their mouths still stuffed full. Leahdidn’t turn to greet us, like usual. The twins too saw the mangled body of the little girl I held in my arms and swallowed their food whole, running over to see who she was and what happened. Leah looked up them, saw the little girl and became instantly concerned.
Emily came downstairs and I placed the small girl on the couch. Emily began patching up her cuts and put ointment on her bruises as I told them about what happened. The twins, Emily and Leah were furious, but Emily was more worried about the condition of her bones. “Their going to have to be re-broken and put back into place, just like Jake when you guys fought the new borns.” Emily murmured. We all gasped. “She’s healing just as quickly as you guys do, and all her bones have set and started healing wrong.” Emily knew this was a painful procedure as she had been with Carlisle when he was fixing up Jake’s bones and wouldn’t let anyone go through that pain if she could help it. Leah had tears in her eyes, seeing as she was also there with Jacob, Emily and the leech.
“What are we going to do?” Embry asked.
“We’re going to have to wait for her to wake up, give her some pain medication and then take her to see Dr Fangs.” I said.
“WHAT?!” Quil yelled, Emily glared at him, and he lowered his voice, “But it was his son that did this, to his own daughter!”
“I know, I don’t like it any better than you do, but there’s not really much well we can do.”
We all sighed and left her on the couch as we went to eat breakfast and discussed how long it would take for the young girl to wake up.
Embry’s PoV
I was really worried about the 2 year old looking brunette on the couch. Edward really beat her badly. I want to kill that stupid bloodsucking fucker! How the hell could he do that to his little girl?!
I heard a small and sharp intake of breath and some shuffling in the vicinity of the couch, but kept thinking about killing the leech, passing it off as restless sleep. That’s until I heard her loud heart breaking sob. She let out a piercing cry and she started bawling in that way that only babies can.
I stood up quickly, knocking back my chair, vaulting over the recliner and landing in front of the small child who was curled into a ball. 
“Hey sweetie, it’s okay. What’s with all the tears?” I asked in a soothing voice, calming her down.
Once she calmed down she opened her eyes. They were a gorgeous green. The outer rim was a dark, forest green and the rest was a bright green, speckled with blue and gold throughout.
When my eyes met hers, something in me snapped. I know it wasn’t imprinting. More or less it was like I was her big brother, I loved her, but not in the way imprinting would make me feel, more like I was her protector. I know that imprinting makes you feel like the girls protector, but I had this strange feeling, that she wasn’t my imprint, but someone was going to imprint on her, but he wasn’t going to live up to the standards, like he was going to fail to protect and love and care for her, so that’s what I was here for.
My attention turned back to her as I heard her whimper. “It hurts.” She cried softly.
“I know, darling.” I whispered, stroking her hair.
Emily came back over and started to look over her again. When Emily tried to touch her, she whimpered and cowered into my side. “Hey, shh, it’s okay.” I shushed her, “I’m right here. Emily just wants to help you. I’ll be right here the whole time.” With that said, she uncurled form my chest and let Emily finish checking her over. Emily gently touched the little girls broken arm. She howled in pain.
“Oh, god.” Whispered Emily. “We have to get her to Carlisle.”
“NOOO!!!” Screamed the little girl half in my arms. We all looked at her confused. “No! Pease don’t make me! Please don’t make me!” The tears started running aggressively down her face, violent sobs racked through her chest.
“I won’t let them take you there, sweetie. It’s okay. Calm down, honey.” I soothed her.
“Why don’t you want us to take you to Dr Cullen, sweet heart?” Asked Emily, sweetly.
“They’re mean. The Cullen’s hate me.” The little brunette replied.
“Huh? But you are a Cullen…” Trailed off Jared.
She shook her head profusely. “They don’t want me. They never did.”
“What do you mean?” Quil asked confused.
Sam interrupted. “How about we start from the beginning? What’s your name, honey?” 
“I don’t have one.”
“What do you mean you don’t have one?” Asked Quil quietly.
“They never named me. They weren’t expecting me. It was only meant to be Renesmee. They don’t want me. I was an accident.” She replied, looking glassy eyed as she found a sudden interest in the ceiling.
Paul, who had yet to say anything, although he obviously resented this child did not wanting her thinking something like that, none of us did. So Paul being Paul, an idiot who has never handled a child before, roughly grabbed the green eyed girl’s chin and forced her to look at him, but she closed her eyes, keeping her head tilted to the ceiling. “Never, ever say that ever again! Understand?!” He growled rudely and the small girl. 
I pushed him away and glared at him, as did the rest of the Pack. She buried her head in my shoulder and whispered "It’s true.” 
“It is not, sweet heart.” I cooed softly, “Please stop thinking like that.” 
“Would you like to continue your story, darling?” Asked Sam.
She nodded into my shoulder, then lifted her head up, gaining interest in the wall. This girl really likes to stare at inanimate objects.
“When I was born, I was forgotten. Literally. I was left on the floor. I remembered it being so cold. Renesmee was being taken care of by my Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and these two really big guys that look like all of you. Father was with Mother. In those two days before Mother woke up, I learned to walk and talk and use a gift of mine, Teleportation. I was looking around the house on my third day of life and heard noises from a room, so I teleported inside. Father was there, leaning over a hospital bed, Mother was on it. Mother was unconscious and Father didn’t notice me. Soon Aunt Alice, both my Uncles and both my Grandparents were in the room, still no one noticed me.
“Mother woke up and everyone talked, mainly about Renesmee and how Mother wanted to see her. Uncle Jasper was worried about a lot of things, he flinched at any sudden movements and shadowed Grandfather’s every move, seeing as Grandfather was the only one besides Father to get closer to Mother. I was yet to be noticed, until Grandfather mentioned something about a ‘thirst’.”
“You got noticed?” Quil interrupted.
“I got noticed alright.” The nameless child said, laughing sardonically. I didn’t think a child could laugh like that. “All their eyes snapped towards me, but only my Mother’s blazing red eyes stood out. I was happy, she had finally noticed me after everyone else only thought of Renesmee. Everyone noticed me for the first time, I thought it was good until I saw the hunger in her scary red eyes. Everyone seemed to panic and Father tried to stop Mother, but she was too fast. She had leapt towards me and I had started teleporting away until she threw me out the window, down two stories, I hit my head on the ground and I hardly missed the jagged rocks sticking out of the ground. Thinking back on that, what a stupid place to put jagged rocks. I mean seriously!
“But anyway, Mother jumped out of the window after me and I jumped up, running as fast as I could, but she was faster and I knew I couldn’t avoid her for long, so I teleported back to the house. My twin was bawling and everyone was rushing around, trying to calm her down and comfort her. I was not noticed, just like before Mother woke up, but someone finally noticed me and everyone turned and looked at me with so much hate that I’m surprised I didn’t spontaneously combust from all the hate in the room. The people who were glaring at me the most and with the most hatred was the two huge guys that look like all of you. Gosh, they scared me.” She shuddered in my arms. I felt rage course throughout my body for my two old Pack brother who deserted my Pack. Who scared this gorgeous little girl and had glared at her with hate.
“I just stayed out of their way after that. Mother and Father got home that afternoon and fully ignored me. No looks or anything. That night Renesmee fell asleep and Mother took her and put her to bed, leaving me with the rest of the family, not that anyone noticed me until Father grabbed me, but still, barely any looks and the ones I did get were of hate. Father dragged more through the lake, through the forest and I’m sure you all know the rest…” She finished.
We were all shocked and appalled. This poor little girl. The whole time Leah had been sitting silently, just listening. I looked over to the female werewolf to see silent tears trailing down her face. This was the first time since Sam Imprinted on Emily, I have seen Leah without some bitter emotion on her face or in her mind.
“Your injuries are very bad, sweetie. I have to take you to Carlisle.” Emily said, tearfully. She did not want to take the brunette to Dr Fang. 
“NO! PLEASE!” She yelled, then screamed in pain. Her chest had moved a lot when she yelled, making he broken bones dig into her internal organs. It pained me to see her like this.
“Emily… Please…” I whispered, my voice breaking. 
“I-I-I don’t have any mor-mor-morphine.” Emily stuttered.
“Just do it without the morphine.” The little girl instructed.
“I-I can’t. I won’t!” Said Emily, widening her eyes at the prospect of doing such a heinous thing to her.
“Please. Just do it without the morphine.” The child insisted.
Emily took a deep breathe, “Okay. I’ll do it.”
Emily started ordering us all around. I took her upstairs to the guest bedroom. She was sobbing in my arms, whimpering, “It hurts.” 
The only reply I could give was, “I know, darling, I know.”
Emily soon entered the room, Leah was to be her assistant. Leah forcefully pushed me out of the room after I kissed the green eyed child on the forehead, seeing as I wouldn’t willingly go. I went downstairs and sat on the couch, in between Jared and Quil. That’s when the screaming started. The screams were so full of pain. I jumped up, to run upstairs and save the poor little girl from this agonizing torture, but Jared and Quil instantly grabbed my arms and after a 5 minute grapple, they restrained me. I would have been restrained before the 5 minutes was up, but her screams kept pushing me onward, until it was at a point, that I know no matter how much she screamed, I wouldn’t be able to break the hold of these two teenaged werewolves.
The screaming got worse and worse, more painful, more torturous, some of the Pack members left until it was just me and Seth. Violent sobs wracked through my body as I cried for the little girl screaming in agony upstairs, until finally Seth grabbed my arm and softly said, “Come on, mate.” and pulled me through the door, tears blurring my vision. I phased as soon as I was outside and I ran. I ran away from the tormented screams, echoing through the forest.