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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Un-Wanted Girl [Renessme Cullen Twin Sister]chapter 3

Third Person
The nameless girls pained screams filled the forest. Upon hearing the agonised screeches from the near week old child, with the body of a two year old, the wildlife scattered, dropping everything and running, this included the La Push shape shifters. The furtherest they could get was No Man’s land.
The vampire’s of Forks came to investigate the pained screams that could be heard in Forks by the sensitive hearing of the vampires; Jacob and Seth were with them. Their own personal dogs, thought the pack collectively.
“Whose are those screams, Sam?” Carlisle, the head bloodsucker asked. Sam phased back, ignoring the fact that there was ladies present, putting on his cut off jeans and walked up to Carlisle.
“Why should we tell you, leech?” Growled the wolves Alpha protectively.
“We have a right to know. If you’re hurting someone then we need to stop you.” Growled back Jasper.
“Not on the wolves land you don’t.” Snarled Embry who had phased back too, he too ignoring the fact that ladies were present.
“Who are you torturing, Samuel?” Asked Esme. Her voice strained, trying to keep her tone kind.
“Why don’t you ask Papa Leech over there? He knows. In fact, he’s the reason that this is happening.” Paul’s deep voice growled.
The pale people turned towards the bronze haired vampire.
“What does he mean, Edward?” Alice asked her voice hesitant, as if she knew nothing good would come out of her asking.
“He means nothing, Alice.” Edward said, he tried to sound careless, but couldn’t quite pull it off, his eyes shifting wildly, looking as if he was going to be sick. If that were even possible.
“Edward…” Jasper said worriedly, feeling Edward’s emotions and if they were anything like his face portrayed, they’d be guilt, sadness, anger and hope.
The screams slowing died away, followed by loud painful sobs and a grateful ‘thank you’ in the little girl’s raspy voice.
“Who was that?” Emmett asked quickly.
“It sounds… familiar?” Rosalie said, sounding more like a question than a statement.
“I agree…” Said Bella.
“It’s like I’ve never heard the voice before, but it sounds incredibly familiar…” Jasper said quizzically.
Every vampire, except Edward, nodded in agreement.
Renesmee shrunk back in her mother’s arms, obviously knowing more than she’d like to lead on. Jasper’s head whipped to Renesmee.
“What do you know?” He inquired suspiciously.
“N-n-nothing.” Stuttered the nameless girls’ twin.
Another scream echoed through the air. Renesmee squirmed.
“Sister…” She whispered.
Everyone’s heads snapped towards her.
“WHAT?!” Yelled Bella.
“That’s my niece screaming?!” Shouted Jasper, sounding enraged.
“Why do you have my niece?!” Growled Emmett, lunging towards Sam. Carlisle pulled him back before he got anywhere near Sam.
“Yes, what are you doing with my granddaughter?” asked Carlisle, still holding back a highly pissed off Emmett.
“Hmm… Let’s see boys, what are we doing with that exceedingly unloved and injured girl?” Sam asked his pack sarcastically.
“I dunno, Sam. Giving her a home?” Questioned Jared, playing along with the sarcastically dumb act.
“Protecting her from red headed, bastard, girl bashing fathers?” Grumbled Paul.
“A loving family with friends who actually care about her and her well being!” Growled Embry, menacingly.
“People who don’t ignore her?” Asked the sardonic Quil.
“Maybe we even gave her a NAME.” Snarled Embry, who seemed to have a particular weak spot for the little green eyed, brown haired girl.
The vampires were dumbstruck and after a few more hours of fighting, they left, but not without vowing to get their daughter/granddaughter/niece back. The wolves figured it was a hollow threat seeing as they never cared about the little girl before. They would fight for the little girl if they tried to take her by force, but of course if she wanted to return home, the wolves would let her, but reluctantly. Very reluctantly.
The wolves returned home to find Leah and Emily sitting at the table, drinking lemonade.
“Where is she?” Embry rushed.
“She’s upstairs sleeping.” Emily replied.
“Can I go up and see her?” He asked again.
“Sure, just don’t wake her up please. She’s in a lot of pain.”
Embry rushed up the stairs and went to see the vampires and humans mixed breed daughter. He sat on the chair beside her bed and looked down at the angelic little girl. She was perfect, even bruised and cut, she was beautiful. Embry fell asleep watching the little girl.
Sam’s POV
“Why do you think Embry is so…” Trailed off Jared.
“Caught up by the vampire’s daughter?” Asked Quil.
“Yeah.” Agreed Jared.
“Maybe he imprinted on her.” Laughed Paul.
“Well, whatever it is, we need to help her. It seems that Embry isn’t going to give up on her and I don’t want to leave the poor girl alone. I’m going to offer for her to come and live with us.” I informed the boys.
“That’s probably the best choice.”
The boys kept bantering about the little girl and I got lost in my thoughts. I hope that Embry didn’t imprint on her, Jacob will never come back if he did and really, I don’t think the vampires will give up on her, I think they will fight to get her back and it’ll just hurt Embry in the process. After a few weeks of healing, she will have to return home, whether we like it or not.
If you guys are wondering here is a picture of the Un-Wanted girl at the current age she is
except she has green eyes, not brown.


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