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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Un-Wanted Girl [Renessme Cullen Twin Sister]chapter 1

The Nameless Girl's PoV

Renesmee was getting measured. Again. They measured her 4 times a day, they never measured me.No one even spared a glance at me, I just watched longingly as they fawned over my twin sister. I had yet to see my mother at all and I've only caught glances at my father, he was too busy with mother or Renesmee.
It had only been a few days since our birth, 2 to be exact, going on our3rd day. I'm way ahead ofmy twin, I mayhave the same sized body,but I can walk and talk already, not that I have anyone to talk to. I also figured outI have a power.I can teleportto any place I have heard the name of or have seen.Although, I know I have more thanjust that power, I can feelit or them, but I just can't figure them out. Not right now at least.
I decided to go and change my clothes, so I teleported to Renesmee's closet. I quickly changed into some purple dress with white stockings and purple ballet slipper sort of shoes.
I heard movementa few rooms down and decided to check it out. Yeah, I'm a curious kid, but when no one pays any attention to you, what else are you meant to do? I teleported outside the door and looked at where I was. I was outside Grandfather Carlisle's study.I couldn't reach the door knob, so Ithought about entering the room and teleported inside.
There stood my father, his back turned to me, looking at someone on the table. I stepped up on my tippy-toes and looked. It was my mother. She was beautiful. She was slim and pale, with rosy lips and darkhair like mine.
I could hear her steady heart beat, but every now and then it would stutter and stop, then start again. Father would flinch every time it stopped.
I heard footsteps approach the door and father's slumped body stood up straight, as if his mood had lifted. Aunty Alice stepped into the room. "It's time." She murmured. I then heard many foot falls and everyone entered the room, except Aunt Rosalie and the tall tan guys and girl with the high temperatures, they were all with Renesmee.
They walked in, taking no notice of me, pushing me to the side, almost trampling me a few times. Everyone crowded around the table my mother was situated on, as if something was going to happen.
I listened carefully to my mothers heart beat. It was going steady until it stuttered and jumped a fewtimes. It went steady for a few more beats and then thudded 3 more times until it stopped completely.
I panicked. Heart beats stopping is not a good thing, it means the person is dead. But then I listened. In the room my heart was the only one that beat. And my heart beat was faster than mothers was or the tan peoples down stairs is... Father, my grandparents and my Aunties and Uncles didn't have heart beats... So it's probably normalamong vampires.
Mother hissed, a menacing sound and flipped from her back and landed with her back against the wall, crouching. Father was leaning across the operating table where Mother just was. I was standing behind my Uncles, level with Aunt Alice and in front of Grandfather Carlisle and Grandmother Esme, no one seemed to notice me, even though I was clutching Uncle Jasper’s trousers leg extremely tightly in my little hand, fearful of my own Mother. How pathetic.
Mother stood up straight, just staring at Father as he slowly moved around the operating table and towards my Mother, his outstretched to her. 
“Bella?” Father asked in a low, calming tone. Even though his tone was calm, everyone could hear the worry in his voice. Mother did not reply. “Bella, love? I’m sorry, I know it’s disorienting. But you’re all right. Everything is fine.”
Mother just stood there thinking. Father moved closer as she thought and touched her cheek. His hand curled to the shape of Mother’s face and arched one eyebrow, waiting for Mother to speak. I thought it was adorable seeing how in love my Father was with my Mother.
Mother threw her arms around Father, pressing her face into his chest. I had yet to her my Mother’s voice. I wish I could hear it. I really wish I could. Father shifted, like he was uncomfortable, leaning away from Mother. Mother looked confused and frightened.
“Um… carefully, Bella. Ow.”
Mother retracted her arms, as quick as lightening, moving them behind her back. She opened her mouth to speak, and I anticipated hearing her voice. 
“Oops.” She mouthed. Dang it! She didn’t speak.
Father smiled lovingly at Mother. 
“Don’t panic, love,” Father said, touching my Mother’s parted lips. “You’re just a bit stronger than I am for the moment.”
Mother frowned and Father stroked her cheek again. It was so sweet. I smiled at them, yet they did not notice me.
Mother brought an arm out from behind her back and touched Father’s cheek gently and started into his eyes. I could see how much she loved him too. I stopped paying attention for a minute, knowing all they were going to do was stare into each others eyes lovingly.
“I love you.” My Mother’s voice came as a shock to me , as I was not expecting to hear her. She had the most beautiful voice I have ever heard, it matched her appearance perfectly.
Father gave Mother a dazzling (Whatever that means. I mean come on! I’m only 3 days old!) smile. “As I love you.” He replied, taking Mother’s face into his hands and kissed her gently until it got more intense. I hid my face in Uncle Jasper’s trousers leg, I really did not need to see my parents make out.
Uncle Emmett seemed not to enjoy their little show either, as he showed his humor and impatient-ness by clearing his throat obnoxiously. Mother stepped away from Father quickly, looking embarrassed. Father did not seem to like this and stepped right back, very close to Mother. 
“You’ve been holding out on me,” Mother accused Father jokingly, her eyes narrowing a bit.
Father laughed. “It was sort of necessary at the time. Now it’s your turn not to break me.” Father said. What the H-E-double-sippy-straws was he talking about?
Everyone started laughing. Huh? What’s so funny?
Grandfather Carlisle stepped around Uncle Emmett and walked up to Mother. Uncle Jasper followed him, forcing me to let go of his pants leg, so instead I held onto to Uncle Emmett’s trouser leg.
“How do you feel, Bella?” Grandfather asked.
“Overwhelmed. There’s so much…” Mother trailed off.
“Yes, it can be quite confusing.”
Mother nodded. “But I feel like me. Sort of. I didn’t expect that.”
Father wrapped his arms around Mother’s waist. “I told you so.” He whispered in her ear.
“You’re quite controlled,” Grandfather mused. “More so than expected, even with the time you had to prepare yourself mentally for this.”
“I’m not sure about that.” Mother whispered.
Grandfather nodded, interested in what Mother had to say. “It seems like we did something right with the morphine this time. Tell me, what do you remember of the transformation process?”
Mother hesitated, “Everything was… very dim before. I remember the baby couldn’t breathe…” Mother looked at Father, with a scared expression on her face.
Yes! She remembered me! Finally, someone that cares!
“Renesmee is healthy and well,” Father promised, gleam in his eyes. Father sounded like he worshipped her. 
No! It’s meant to be about me! Not her
“What do you remember after that?” The traitor asked. I mean Father asked.
Mother put on a strange face. “It’s hard to remember. It was so dark before. And then… I opened my eyes and I could see everything.” She lied. Why would she lie?
“Amazing.” Grandfather breathed. “I want you to think—to tell me everything you remember.” Grandfather pressed excitedly. Mother grimaced. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Bella. Of curse your thirst must be very uncomfortable. This conversation can wait.”
Mother looked like she didn’t even notice until her hand cupped her throat. 
“Let’s hunt, Bella.” Father suggested. Mother’s eyes widened, alarmed. “It’s quite easy, love. Instinctual. Don’t worry, I’ll show you.” Father threw her a crooked smile and raised his eyebrows. “I was under the impression that you’d always wanted to see me hunt.”
Mother laughed. Even her laugh was angelic. 
“Shall we?” Father asked, taking Mother’s hand away form her neck where it still cupped her throat. “I don’t want you hurting.” Father murmured, I was only just able to hear him.
“I’m fine. Wait. First.”
“Yes?” Grandfather asked.
“I want to see her.” Yes! She’s going to say my name! She’s going to say she wants to see me! Wait… What is my name? “Renesmee.” My world came crashing down. Renesmee? Why is everything about her?!
Mother clutched the pale silk dress that covered her body. Father and Grandfather exchanged a guarded look.
“What?” Mother demanded. 
“Bella,” said Father in a soothing voice. “That’s not really a good idea. She’s half human, love. Her heart beats, and blood runs in her veins. Until your thirst is positively under control… You don’t want to put her in danger, do you?” What about me? Would she put me in danger?
Mother frowned. “Where is she?” Well, she’s being babied, while I’m standing waiting for you to notice me! I’m your daughter too, you know!
“Is Rosalie with her?” 
“Yes.” Father said in a strange tone.
“Wait. What about Jacob?” Who’s Jacob? “And Charlie?” Who’s that? “Tell me everything that I missed. How long was I… unconscious?” Father exchanged another glance with Grandfather. “What’s wrong?” Yeah… What is wrong? I’m right here, everything should be fine!
“Nothing is wrong. Nothing has changed much, actually—you were only unaware for just over two days. It was very fast, as these things go. Edward did an excellent job. Quite innovative—the venom injected straight into your heart was his idea.” Grandfather informed her, smiling proudly at Father. “Jacob is still here, and Charlie still believes that you are sick. He thinks you’re in Atlanta right now, undergoing tests at the CDC. We gave him a bad number, and he’s frustrated. He’s been speaking to Esme.” Man, Grandfather could talk!
“I should call him…” Mother said, thinking, then realized something. “Hold on—Jacob is still here?"
“Bella, there’s much to discuss, but we should take care of you first. You have to be in a lot of pain…” Father said, addressing Mother.
That’s when something happened. Mother noticed me. Me. For the first time she noticed me. I was so happy! I grinned at her. She glared and bared her teeth at me, snarling. Uncle Emmett stepped away from me, seeing who Mother was growling at. Everyone noticed me for the first time and they seemed to panic. Father ran after Mother, but she was already too close. She was way too fast for Father to catch her. Uncle Emmett and everyone else had no idea what was going on. Neither did I. Until I finally caught on when I saw my Mother’s expression. She was looking at me like I was food. My eyes widened and I teleported across the room. She turned went after me again. I kept teleporting until she finally got me.
She grabbed me and threw me across the room, right out the window. They just had to put a window there didn’t they? I screamed as I fell down the two story drop, landing on the ground, on my back, slamming my head on the ground, barely missing the jagged rocks on the ground.
My Mother was next out the window, and I jumped up and ran as fast as I could. She was catching up really fast. I knew I wasn’t going to make it away from her running, so I teleported back to the house.
My sister was screaming and crying and everyone was running around trying to calm her down and make her feel better. What a baby!
When someone finally noticed me, they all turned and glared at me. That’s when I made my decision.


Monday, February 21, 2011


story ni..ader kener mengene ngan twilight so...sorry twilight hatters!!aq pon x suke ngan twilight tp citer ni mencerite kan berape kejamnye _____.hehehhe...rahsie...
Third Person
And more blood.
It's what was surrounding Isabella Cullen as shelay on the operating table set in her husband's family's house. The werewolf above her was pumping at her chest wildly, trying to keep her heart going. The bronze haired vampire didn't think he was doing a good enough job, so he pushed the werewolves hands out of the way, effectively breaking the wolves hand. The pale man shoved a silver needle into her heart and bit along her body, trailing his tounge over the laserations, closing them and sealingthem with hisvenom.
Isabella Cullen had just given birth to twin half-vampire girls, they nearly killed her in the process.
The two girls were totally opposite in everyway. One had her father's hair colour, the other had her mother's hair colour. One had ringlets, the other had straight hair. One had her mother's brown eyes, one had her father's green human eyes. One was wanted, the other was not.
Already the straight, dark haired child with the brilliant green eyes had been forgotten. The bronze, curly haired girl with the dull brown eyes had not been forgotten. She was being taken care of by her Aunt Rosalie, adored over by the rest of the family. She had been given the name of Renesmee Carlie Cullen.
The other twin, had been dumped on the floor, cold and forgotten,being taken care of by no one,fawned over by none. She had not recieved a name. She was un-wanted. She was the nameless girl.


Friday, February 18, 2011

About Stories...


Okay untuk stories...korg nk citer camner?citer pasal persahabatan ker...cinter ker....ader suggestion?kalo ader comment kay?

Semalam x tulis paper sbb xder topik n tulis...hehe...

Esok ader larian megah..:'(...malas giler nk gi!xperla just jalan2 bet luse aqsakit badan..

Ni jer coreten aq ari ni,bye2..assalamualaikum...

yang benar
xXxSyiFaa AqUiLaHxXx

Road Run


Sakit kaki,sakit lengan,sakit hati..seng citer sakit satu badan!!

tadi road run..lari beberape  meter tros pancit!hahahha.kalo ader org tanyer nape lambat gerenti aq jwb,"I'm enjoying the beautiful scenery,''hahhaha

haih...nk tido..tpi x leh....:( bla dulu ntuk cari stories..bye2

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drama Club!


Tadi ader audition ntuk drama ntuk kekosongan ntuk beberape x dpt...tapi suraya dan asyikin dpt!yaya!aq x yah nk hafal skrip !!but sedikit sedih sbb x dpt...='( la....dah nasib aq camni nk wat camne kan?mayb bukan takdir aq kowt.....KOT.. ader idea ntuk 'stories' kwn2 aq yg ...ehem..ehem....terase..ehem...hehhehe...tibe2 batuk..nnt aq buat n tulis kat blog ni kay!bye2


yang benar,
xXxSyiFaa AqUiLaHxXx

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Maulidur Rasul

Salam maulidur rasul!!!:D

Sebenarnye aq xleh nk tulis panjang2 so,ari ni gi SACC Mall sbb abg2 aq nk upgrade xbox.pastu family aq gi mkn2 kat noodle station.kat situ kitorg ckp2 pasal tahun ape kitorg lahir mengikut thn cine.kitorg gelak2 sbb haziq[abg aq yg ke tige]lahir pade tahun khinzir!ayah aq pon saje ulang 'ko lahir tahun ape?'kitorg pon gelak..

mase kat situ,aq trnampak sorg laki yg nmpak familiar,so,aq pon tringat die tu sekolah kat smk alam megah,aq pon cam 'oooo' so aq wat x kesah..

tu ajer ntuk ari nih,assalamualaikum..

yang benar,
xXxSyiFaa AqUiLaHxXx

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Father's Birthday

Today is my father birthday!!!yay!!nila gambar abah:

dr kiri,bapak saudare aq cik mat dan sebelah nyer ialah sumadi bin hj. kasmani,iaitu ayah saye tau aper yg korg pikir....yg ari ni gak ari valentine,haram tau sambut valentine,valentine tuh bagaikan menyambut atau mengingati seorg paderi yg telah membunuh umat islam yg paling ramai pade beberape ratus tahun rase korg x tau pasal ni kan....sebenarnye maklumat yg aq terime xla btol sgt...

Kalo korg nk tau lebih lanjut pasal valentine,sile cari dlm internet yer...

Tu shj ntuk ari ni,assalamualaikum...

yang benar
xXxSyiFaa AqUiLaHxXx

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Father's Birthday

Hari ni 13 ari bulan.....esok 14 maksudnyer esok valentines,mama ckp esok ari jadi biasenyer x ingat ari jadi org aq pon trkejut,patutla aq pikir 14 ari jadi akan ader sesuatu!(kecuali valentines,aq x celebrate valentines)

urgh,ari jadi abah x tau nk buat aper atau bg aper..tension....shish....just beli kad,tulis al-fatihah dan ucapan....ustaz ader kater ntuk ari jadi seseorg,lebih baik bagi al-fatihah drpade bg bende sbb al-fatihah boleh dibawe sampai ke akhirat.....

Tp macam mane aq nk beli kad eh?nk beli kad dari memory lane...ader kad besar2..hmm...nnt aq pikirkanla...

ohya, aq nk tambahkan satu lagi tajuk iaitu 'Stories'.Haaaahh.....dlm tajuk ni aq akn menggunakan bakat mengarg aq aq yg x baper bagus ntuk mengarang citer dlm bahase manglish(BM+BI)

so...insya-ALLAH,aq akn wat yg terbaek ntuk blog ~~MY LIFE~~ ni..

yang benar,
xXxSyiFaa AqUiLaHxXx

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Blog


 untuk tajuk my life....^these are a few of my fwenz =3
 untuk tajuk vocaloid
 untuk tajuk vampire knight
 untuk tajuk pandangan aku terhadap sesuatu(i just though yg gambar nie sesuai ntuk tajuk nie)
untuk tajuk animanga

Skrg aq dah tau nk wat aper ntuk  blog!
tajuk2 yg aq akn tulis:

  1. My Life
  2. Vocaloids,utauloid e.t.c
  3. Vampire Knight
  4. Pandangan Aku Terhadap Sesuatu
  5. Animanga=anime+manga
Tulah die!tajuk2 yg aq akan tulis pade mase akan dtg!insya-ALLAH,i will make it interesting =3

Jadi,ape lagi,kalo anda suker tajuk2 berkenaan,lawatla bloq ni,comment and please rate!or u guys can give me some suggestion!kalo boleh,tell ur friends,neigbour2 di sebelah,belakang atau depan. >=3

yang benar,
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My Blog

First time wat blog,so...kalo x cantik...ker...x best....comment dan suggest kay? ;)
Saye x tau nk wat aper ntuk blog saye niy,so.....sugest la yer?i realy appreciate that... =3