People may change, but memories don't.

Monday, February 21, 2011


story ni..ader kener mengene ngan twilight so...sorry twilight hatters!!aq pon x suke ngan twilight tp citer ni mencerite kan berape kejamnye _____.hehehhe...rahsie...
Third Person
And more blood.
It's what was surrounding Isabella Cullen as shelay on the operating table set in her husband's family's house. The werewolf above her was pumping at her chest wildly, trying to keep her heart going. The bronze haired vampire didn't think he was doing a good enough job, so he pushed the werewolves hands out of the way, effectively breaking the wolves hand. The pale man shoved a silver needle into her heart and bit along her body, trailing his tounge over the laserations, closing them and sealingthem with hisvenom.
Isabella Cullen had just given birth to twin half-vampire girls, they nearly killed her in the process.
The two girls were totally opposite in everyway. One had her father's hair colour, the other had her mother's hair colour. One had ringlets, the other had straight hair. One had her mother's brown eyes, one had her father's green human eyes. One was wanted, the other was not.
Already the straight, dark haired child with the brilliant green eyes had been forgotten. The bronze, curly haired girl with the dull brown eyes had not been forgotten. She was being taken care of by her Aunt Rosalie, adored over by the rest of the family. She had been given the name of Renesmee Carlie Cullen.
The other twin, had been dumped on the floor, cold and forgotten,being taken care of by no one,fawned over by none. She had not recieved a name. She was un-wanted. She was the nameless girl.


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