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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Something I Want to Say..

Saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada Drama Club kerana berjaya mendapat tempat ke-2 dlm peringkat sekolah.
Saya juga ingin mengucapkan tahniah kepada Kak Afifah kerana berjaya memegang 'The Best Actress'.

tepuk semua!!

dah lame tak tulis kat blog ni. tp, cam ader ape2 untuk ditulis kan?
ader satu citer yg ader kene-mengene ngan hidup seseorg. ni link die;
bacelah, best.

oklah, aq tau ni pendek tapi.. biasakan lah diri ye.

The Un-Wanted Girl.[Renesmee Cullen's Twin Sister]Chapter 5

Un-Wanted Girl’s POV
I’ve been home from The Uley residence for about three weeks now. Those two guys who look like me broth—I mean, Mr. Uley’s friends—still hate me. I feel more hurt that Samuel and Emily and especially Boo—wait… Embry—. They pretended to care about me, pretended to be my family. I finally had a mom and a dad, three brothers, a sister and an aunt, but then they had to go and tell me the fantasy of it all. I refuse to keep the name they gave me. I am no longer ‘Rayne’. I have no name.
Honestly, I’m more damaged by them saying that they don’t want me than when Edward beat me half to death and left me in the forest to die. I would rather feel the physical pain from Edward a thousand times over again than feel that emotional pain the wolf pack caused in me ever again.
If I ever see the wolf pack again, then I’ll… I don’t know what I’ll do, but it won’t be pleasant for them. Maybe put them through the same kind of pain they put me in. Maybe I should do something so bad that Edward would beat me in front of the pack. Maybe that will put them in their place.
Since I returned to the Cullen’s from the Uley’s I have discovered that I'm a very curious kid. I find something, and I will figure out what it does, no matter what. Sometimes, I end up breaking it… The person to who the item belongs will get mad at me and scold me. Renesmee broke things all the time and I was the one who got in trouble for it. Every time. But I don't mind, because, even though they're scolding me, they're still paying attention to me.Getting into troubleis literally the only attention I ever get from anyone.
I think Renesmee knows that I don't get paid any attention, just from the smug expression on her face I can see that she realizes that and that she's happy I get no attention, because that means, the less attention paid to me, the more attention paid to her.
Renesmee was such a little princess, seriously! She threw a glass jug at one of the tanned giants and Father told her 'Renesmee, please don't do that, it hurts them' and she started screaming and crying! He didn't even say it in a stern tone! Of course Aunt Rosalie and Mother started doting on her, then Father got an earful from everyone about 'how dare he make her cry'. The people in this family are idiots! But even though Renesmee is a brat and she tries to get me into trouble or ignored, I still love her, because she is my sister and no matter what she does, I will always love her.
But back to me being a curious kid. I looked through the house all day, just exploring. It's what I did everyday. I have yet to finish looking through the whole house, but there was only one room in the house left for me to look in… The Attic.
I have heard my parents telling my sister tales where the unsuspecting child entersthe dark and dangerous place that was The Attic, where bad and scarythings happened. Me being the curious little girl that I am, decided to ignore the stories and go and look anyway.
The door was situated at the end of the 3rd story hallway. The hallway was dark as there were no lights on, but I could see perfectly, although, lightswould be comforting r ight now. I reached the door and opened it. It creaked as it swung open slowly.
There’s a staircase that leads upwards, leading up to another door. The stairwell was dark and I wished I had brought a flash light, but alas, I didn't.
I shakily reached for the hand railing, as my short legs had trouble reaching the next step. I cautiously climbed the steps, the closer I came to the door, thebetter turning back sounded. But I keptclimbinguntil I reached the foreboding door. I was tempted to run as fast as I could down the stairs, but I squared shoulders and prepared for battle. Well, not battle really, just trying to open the door.
I reached for thescuffed and dusty doorknob and jiggled it.The doordidn't budge. I kept jiggling the golden sphere and pushingon the door until I considered the possibility of the need for a key.
The thought brought both a joyous and frustrated reactions. I was joyous because, well, in a way, I didn't want to go into The Attic; I was frustrated because, I really wanted to go into The Attic. Gosh, that's so contradictory…
I was about to give up and go downstairs when suddenly, I flew into the room, the door giving in under the pressure of my minimal weight.
I fellonto the ground in thedark and dusty room with a dull thud. I looked around and saw chests of things, kind of like buried treasure, just without it being buried.
I could see perfectly fine, but I still wanted some light in the creepy room. I searched for a light switch, but only found a cord hanging from the ceiling. I jumped, trying to reach the cord. It took a while, but I finally pulled it and a single dull bulb lit up. It was enough to comfort me.
I started looking around, through all of theold dusty,untouched crates throughout the room. I found some amazing stuff, I just had no idea what any of it was. I found one interesting thing though, that I knew the name of, but not what it did… I think they called it a camera.
It was bulky with a lens and something else, like a light bulb or something. It had aflap that came down over the bulky black front of it. There was a button at the top.
I didn't know what the gadget did, so I was going to find out.Or break it trying... I looked into the lens, trying to see how it worked. My finger slippedon the buttonand a flash went off. Black spots appeared in my vision as the bright lighthad shocked me. Something popped out of the front of the camera. It was something that I had heard the name of before... Polar-something… Polar bear? No. North Pole? No… That's where Santa lives...Polaroid! That's it!
A Polaroid popped out of the camera. There was a picture of my surprised face. It was really funny. I giggled. I put the Polaroid in one of my pockets. Camera in hand, I started looking through the next chest. I found pictures.
The first one was of four people, two with dark hair and two with blond hair.Three were standing in the middle of the photograph and oneof the blonds was standing to the side. The three in the middle had bright red eyes and the blond off to the side had gold eyes. The dark haired one in thecenter of the three in themiddle seemed to conduct the most power.Justthe way he held himselftold me that he was the leader.
I recognized none of these men except the blond one with golden eyes… He looked like Grandfather Carlisle. Wait… That is Grandfather Carlisle. I had seen the same picture in his office, except it was giant and a painting.
I was curious about the three beautiful and strangely powerful men. I flipped over the photograph, looking for a caption of some kind, telling me who these men were. I found the writing I was looking for and read it, ‘The Volturi. From left to right, Caius, Aro, Marcus and Carlisle. Long live these great men, from who we established our society.’ Well, I was right about them having power; they must be the Kings of Vampires or something. I stared in awe of the picture, just looking at the three incredibly striking men. I put the photograph in my pocket and kept looking through the pictures.
I saw many more with those three men and with every picture I saw, my resolution became more solid. I found some other pictures, of more people in black cloaks. A lot of them looked frightening, what with their bright red eyes glowing, their perfectly pale skin contrasting against the deep black of their cloaks. I did not like the look of a lot of these people, as they frightened me terribly, so skipped over most of them, until I saw a picture a gorgeous pair.
They were very pale white, the girl with blond hair and the boy with brown hair. They both had startling red eyes and were wearing deep black cloaks, but somehow, they did not frighten me like most of the others did. Their features were much the same, but different. Their hair color may be different, but from the lines of their perfect faces, I could see that they were brother and sister. Twins, fraternal of course. As soon as I saw this picture, my resolution was rock solid and I was not backing out of it, but I would have to be pushed to use it, in a way I just hope it doesn’t come to it.
I kept looking throughout the musty room finding lots of interesting things, but nothing could top my camera. I decided to go back downstairs, maybe go for a walk in the woods to take some pictures. I jumped until I reached the cord, turning off the light and walked to the door, walking onto the first step and closing the door behind me. I descended the staircase, exited the door and closed it behind me, walking down the third floor hallway and down the stairs to the first floor.
I thought I might have to sneak past the living room where my ‘family’ was looking after my prissy twin sister. No such luck. And yes I mean luck, if I had to sneak out, that would mean they were paying attention to me. But they weren’t. Tell me something new.
I walked out the door, across the grassy front yard and into the forest. I started taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. I found all kinds of wildlife. There were doe, ladybugs and birds. I walked into a clearing and found there was an abundance of butterflies!
“Hello little butterflies!” I grinned. A pretty yellow and black butterfly landed on my hand. I struggled with my camera, but finally got it to a one handed position where I could take a picture of the butterfly. The flash went off and the butterfly flew away. “Bye bye, pretty butterfly!” I said to it.
Another butterfly came and landed right on my nose. I giggled as it tickled my nose. I turned the camera on myself and took a picture. The butterfly flew away and I got the photo from the camera. I laughed loudly. This was my favorite picture. A pretty blue and black butterfly was on my nose and I was looking cross eyed at it with a huge grin spread across my face. I put the picture in the pocket of my dress, which were becoming quickly full of photographs.
I turned around, a grin still on my face, which quickly faded when I saw what was behind me. There was a giant wolf behind me. I knew it was a shape shifter because of its monstrous size. It was a russet color with huge, sharp and vicious looking teeth that just so happened to be inches away from my face.
My eyes widened from the malicious glint in its eyes. It made a move closer to me and I screamed. I quickly teleported back to the Cullen’s, right into the middle of the living room where they all were. It just so happens that Renesmee was right where I teleported and I kind of knocked her to the ground. She started bawling her eyes out and Edward got really mad.
“How dare you make my daughter cry! You stupid,” he hit me, “stupid,” he hit me again, “insolent,” and again, “little vixen!” He gave me an almighty kicked at the end and I pretty much flew across the room. For a minute my mind flashed back to the butterflies and my only thought was ‘I can be a butterfly too!’ and then I felt the immense amount of pain of my body hitting the glass wall on the other side of the room and my body shattering it. The sharp shards of glass rained down on me and I couldn’t help but think about how pretty it looked. The sun glinting off of the shards as they landed on me and pierced my small body.
I was bleeding. A lot. This was the push I needed to put my resolve into action. I thought about the pictures I had found. About the dungeon like place that they were taken in. About the three Kings and the blond girl and her brunette brother.
I suddenly wasn’t in the Cullen home anymore. I was in the dungeon, looking upon the three red eyed Kings. The last thing I saw before the world went black was the blond haired girl and the brunette boy rushing towards me.

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